About Me


Helping to Change Lives
Malik Wade was born and raised in low-income housing in San Francisco, CA during the 80’s at the peak of the crack cocaine epidemic that swept through America's inner cities. Malik was a good student and superior athlete, but his life would change forever when he sold his first rock of crack cocaine at the age of 15. Over the next two decades Malik would experience a turbulent, yet amazing, personal transformation.

Malik is a leading voice for youth and is currently spearheading a national youth mentoring movement to help save the lives of young people in inner cities and underprivileged communities. Malik Wade is a mentor, author, entrepreneur and thought leader whose story of personal transformation has motivated and inspired many.

Scholastic Interest Group

Mentorship Programs Available
SIG’s mission is to assist young men in economically disadvantaged communities in reaching their full potential. SIG will accomplish this mission by using specialized personal development programs. SIG will also provide student athletes with the skills necessary for college preparation, career readiness, and community service.

How Mentorship Can Benefit You

Experience winning in your life
All of the great leaders and business people in the world have had a mentor. Mentorship is vital to lifelong learning. This is a principle that MALIK WADE teaches and preaches to his students and almost anyone who he comes in contact with. This teaching and preaching has led him benefit from his own mentors -- from venture capitalists to college professors, to childhood friends he's long admired.

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