Emerge From Prison Successfully

Emerge From Prison Successfully

Emerge From Prison Successfully

Please read this article written by Michael Santos (Prison Consultant)

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Today I present the story of Malik Wade. Malik did not enter the federal prison system as a well-educated white-collar offender convicted of fraud. On the contrary, Malik grew up in an urban community, influenced by a criminal lifestyle. While serving longer than a decade, however, Malik completely reformed his life. He created opportunities to educate himself. He participated in the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP), which allowed him to shave a year off of his sentence.

In today’s podcast, Malik shares how an individual can move through struggle with his dignity intact as a law-abiding, contributing citizen. If Malik could emerge from prison successfully, just think what you can do!

Malik’s impressive adjustment through prison has resulted in his returning to society with many opportunities. Venture capitalists, hedge fund leaders, and CEOs have reached out to support Malik. They’ve sponsored a venture he initiated to prepare young people from urban communities for success.

The work that Malik has done, and his return to society as a law-abiding, contributing citizen, may serve to inspire anyone who listens. Facing imprisonment can challenge anyone. Some consider the prospect of imprisonment as one of the worst challenges an individual can face. Those who’ve overcome prison share guidance that can benefit anyone.



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